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Plumbing & Electircal

At Handyman Paul G., we do basic plumbing and electrical work, and call on plumbers and electricians we trust to do jobs too big for us.

Electric work -- We'll install outlets and switches, fix lights, install ceiling lights, bedroom lights, and exterior lights. We'll put in new bathroom lights and new fans. For larger jobs, we will refer you to electricians we know and trust, or manage their coming to do work for you, if you prefer.

Plumbing -- We replace faucets, sinks, and toilets, and do some repair work. We also subcontract to plumbers for larger jobs that are best done by someone else.

We do extensive carpentry work, like doors and windows, and basic plumbing and electrical work. We're a great choice if you have a variety of things that need to be done. Send us your list! We'll get it done!

What needs to be fixed, repaired, and installed?