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This is Paul G. here. Since 2001 I have ran a busy & successful handyman and carpentry business that has served hundreds of people in the greater Boston area, doing both small jobs and large. Clients consistently report on the evaluation form I give them that they would recommend me to friends, and that I do excellent work, am easy to deal with, and communicate clearly and honestly.

Call or e-mail me if you need business or home repair, and:

~ You want to hire me to do the work (Option "A"), or

~ You want to hire me to do the work WITH you and you learn how to do it (Option "B").

~ Regarding option "A": I repair the imperfect, install the difficult, and assemble the boxed and mysterious!

I provide most carpentry services, such as building new walls, installing shelves, fixing & installing doors, putting in decks, etc. AND I do basic plumbing, electrical repair, painting, tiling, and concrete work. And with my on-call-sometimes-partner, a licensed contractor with 25 years experience, we also do bathrooms, additions, and larger projects!

I am skilled and careful and have many, many references.

I assemble Ikea furniture (and other boxed things)... I install, repair, or replace ceiling lights, lamps, outlets, faucets, TV mounts, medicine cabinets, beds, furniture, vanities, toilets, fans, garbage disposals, thermostats, vents, etc. I do large and small painting jobs, install and uninstall air conditioners, install closets (Ikea, California, Easy Closets, etc.), fix fences, clean gutters, and power wash decks and such (often staining or painting the deck soon after, weather permitting).

I often work solo, and am happy to do small jobs. And, if your job calls for a helper or assistant or two, I will then enlist the services of one of my associates, all of whom are people of skill and integrity.

In one-man mode, I often do "little things" like installing shelves, towel racks, blinds, curtains, closet hardware, pet doors, etc. I often repair or install storm doors. I am especially experienced with door repairs and installations and small carpentry projects. For example, I built a new shed door and a wooden radiator cover for an Arlington couple. I built a long trapezoidal shelf for a Cambridge resident who puts her bed at a diagonal against the corner of her bedroom, and built a closet in the same room as well. One day recently I installed a new storm door for a couple, both teachers, as well as installed three custom-made sets of wood shelves in their kitchen.

Awhile ago I worked in a $1.1 million house in Lexington and built a wall to divide a large room into two rooms: a hot tub room and a conservatory. The wall was easy to build, nothing special there, but since the room had a slanted ceiling, putting in five partitions from the wall up to the ceiling and then installing trapezoid-shaped glass into each partition took a little more thought. It was a fun job, it came out very good, and the customers were quite pleased.

In your home, what needs to be built, fixed, or installed?

~ Regarding option "B": You may lack tools and experience, or you may think you are not handy. Perhaps you just need some patient guidance. Chances are, with my help, you CAN get that door to fit just right; install some shelving; install a banister; install a faucet to replace the one you don't like or fix one that is leaking; assemble anything that comes in a box, etc. And if we try Option B and you get tired of it or are truly not handy, I can always just finish the job by myself, of course!

You can reach me by phone or by e-mail. When you write or call, please let me know where you are located and what work you want done. By far the best way is to email me directly at, not to call!

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